Automatic card system activation/scheduling / pre-match tactics

Actually sometimes there are more than 1-2 games.
And it is not possible to be so much active to play cards after there expiration.

So I would like to have an automatic card active system.
Means I can schedule my card so if my 1 card expire then 2 card can automatic activate.

Ya, same here. Some big matches I was too busy to watch the full match. And people kept playing [email protected]# cards that fck me up though my picking lineup much better T_T

This is actually a planned feature. We call it “Pre-match tactics” and will allow you to place down cards at certain times during the match day. You can then chose to override those timings in the heat of the battle. The benefits of this feature are:

  • Theoretically more fair for people in different time zones.
  • It increases the card spend, as we consider it mandatory to place at least 1-2 cards during pre-match tactics. This in return increases the value of cards overall.
  • It adds another dynamic to the game, and thus makes the game “bigger”.
  • It allows you to plan beforehand and still have a potential upside VS players that are super active during live matches.

Play the game yalla ludo

So when we gonna have this feature in applications.
Becuz i see 14 Aug is starting of season for EPL