Better cards balancing

I have a better idea for the tactics card.
1st, the positive and negative effects of each card should be on the same matter whether GK, DF, MF or FW
2nd, the duration is variable from 5-45 minutes to fit with more strategies and/or the match status
3rd, the card effect could be stacked with each other to create more thrilling and challenging gameplay during watching real matches

What daya think about those above? Let me know your ideas

Actually when we use 2 Tactics cards …I feel like its useless.
Cuz points awarded only for 1st active cards and minus for 2nd
Tactic card. So basically there is no advantage by 2nd tactic card.

Actually their is only 2-3 cards we use and other cards seems to be useless.

:star2: Introduce captain vice captain system.

And plz give us next updated version ASAP :smiley:

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I love your captain ideas. Imagine something more tactical on the pitch field with those commands.

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