Confusion with multiple Tactic Cards

Im a bit confused with using 2 tactic cards at the same time.
Last game I played with Goal Fest and Good Boy.
System awarded me 2x points for scoring goals (as per Goal Fest),
but system does not award any 2x point for Foul Won (because I used Good Boy also).
And system minus 3x pts cuz my one player get Yellow Card (as per Good Boy).
SO I’m bit confused with using multiple tactics cards.
Plz explain its working.

Hey there!

A position (forward, midfielder, defender or goalkeeper) can only have one positive and one negative effect applied at a time. This means that if you play one card and then another shortly after, some effects may be overwritten by the latest played card because they are applied to the same position(s) as the first card you played.

More on this here: Bug report for Cards