Late points reward or No points rewarded

  1. Almost all the time when player from my team assist for goal,
    I never get points update quickly. I may get points after end of
  2. I used 2 combine cards 1- Shots Shots and 2- Goal Fest
    I do get bonus for Goal Fest but not for Shots Shots.
    Sometimes I get bonus for Shots and sometimes their is no
    any point.
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  1. Forwarded to tech team, we’ll look into it.
  2. I think this is perhaps a misunderstanding of the card mechanics. Each position (forward, midfielder, defender, goalkeeper) can only have 1 card effect applied to it at a time. So if you “combine” 2 cards, the last card you played will overwrite any overlapping positions. If both cards have an effect on forwards, then ONLY the effect of the last card you played will be active. But maybe I misunderstood your feedback, let me know in that case.

Lot of confusion in my head with playing 2 cards at a time :sweat_smile:
Yes. I understand 2nd used card will get benefit and 1st cards benefit is for other position only.

Hehe, this update to the cards is coming pretty soon. It will make it easier to understand which effect is applied to which position. It will replace the “funny text” you get when you tap on the card illustration. :muscle:

@Akki123 Can I have your teamname and the date you got this issue ? I’m going to look into your issue.

Team Name: PTR FC
Not remember the date but it happens lot of times.
Always assists points rewarded after end of the game.