Substitution changes before start of challenge

Need a feature which allow users to make changes in players before start of game.
Like in today’s game, I want to replace my substitute GK with my starting XI GK , and I can’t do it.
So it will be better if we can make changes before start of challenge.

Thanks for your suggestion. There will certainly need to be a lock a certain time before the matches start, but we will consider opening up the ability to edit an existing completed lineup up until that point.

As a workaround today, you can still create multiple lineups, albeit your previously created lineups will still be locked to the challenges already made.

You can also select all players, except one and keep your app running, then make any changes you want until the start of the match. Bit risky though, as your session may be terminated by your OS if it’s run in the background. And also, there may be too little time to have any challenges accepted.

Yes player can create multiple lineups. But also leads to use more cards per challenge. So giving particular time period for making changes to team can be good option for users.