TrophyRoom 2.0 is here

Your buddies at TrophyRoom have been hard at work to bring you an exciting new version of the app. Update TrophyRoom today to get a brand new challenge lobby and more!

What’s new?

Challenge lobby

After hours of digging into our data and studying user behavior, we’ve completely changed how challenges look, feel and how they are joined and created. Gone are the concepts of head-to-head, random and groups. Now all challenges are either public or private and contain between 2 and 100 seats. We focus more on getting created challenges accepted, rather than creating new challenges that may never get accepted.

Challenge creation

To create a new challenge, tap on the + icon in the top right corner of the new Challenges screen. You will find a brand new flow that allows you to control all the details of the challenge. You decide the entry fee, the number of seats, the payout ratio and more. Even more options are coming in a near future.

Challenge details

A new sexy overview gives you some interesting stats before deciding to join a challenge. You’ll see the max prize if all seats are taken as well as the current prize for the current number of occupied seats.

Share challenge

You can now share any challenge you’ve joined with friends and strangers in TrophyRoom. This means that you no longer have to create hundreds of challenges to play against hundreds of people. Share your challenge with the community and make sure the seats fill up. Also! On popular demand, you can now share a challenge with your entire list of friends by simply selecting them all with one tap.

Challenge timeline

The timeline has finally been re-designed in a nice dark theme, matching the rest of the app. You also have some good-to-know stats on top, always available.

Make sure to update your app to version 2.0.0 to get all the new features!

Report bugs and feedback

As always we appreciate all the help we can get from our awesome community.

Report any bugs here: #bug-reporting

Already noted some performance-related issues for users with a high amount of challenges. Optimization coming.