Automatic Card System Update

I’m a student and can’t spend more time on Trophyroom app.
And lot of EPL, LALIGA, BUNDESLIGA games are almost at 12 o’clock in India.
So I cant able to be online and play cards to get bonus point.

So it will be better if I can able to schedule cards. Means I cant be dropping points even if I’m offline.

This feature is must and I hope this will introduce to game asap.

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Yeap, we discussed it over here: Automatic card system activation/scheduling / pre-match tactics

We have a lot of exciting stuff we’re working on right now, this unfortunately isn’t the highest prio, but definitely on the roadmap.

Another feature we’re discussing is for the creator of challenges to be able to decide whether cards are allowed or not in this particular challenge. Meaning there will be both card challenges and non-card challenges.

That will be great if challenger have authority to decide whether it will be card game or non-card game.
Great addition.