Major update coming: new point system and leaderboard

We had a user request a while ago to introduce daily leaderboards, so that new teams also have a chance to shine. After some time in the TrophyRoom workshop, we’ve come up with a concept that is an intermediary step towards a completely awesome league system including domestic, regional, continental and global leagues.

Until we get there, we want to improve both the point system and the leaderboard feature overall.

New point system

Today, you climb the leaderboard based on the number of points your lineup generates X the number of challenges that lineup is used in. This basically means that it doesn’t really matter if you win or lose your challenges, just create a ton of them and you’ll climb the leaderboard. This is not good.

The new system will give you 3 points for winning a challenge, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss - effectively mirroring the point systems of the real leagues. You’ll also get -1 point if you didn’t participate in any challenge at all during the week - which is a way to reward active users.

New leaderboard

The new leaderboard will have 3 tabs:

  1. This week
  2. Last week
  3. All time

This means that everyone can be the champion of the week, and because of the new point system, it’s also based on your skill and performance as a fantasy team manager.

Next steps

Let’s just say that there will be prizes in a near future. No further comments. :joy: